Why Sri Lanka

  • Sri Lanka is the only region in the world that produces vein (lump) graphite with a carbon content of more than 90%C in commercial quantities
  • One of the fastest growing economies in the world – GDP growth: 8.2%
  • 25-year civil war ended in May 2009
  • The government is keen on promoting foreign private sector investment, with graphite being the country’s one of most important mineral products
  • Sri Lanka is underlain by Proterozoic high grade metamorphic rocks with Phanerozoic sediments being restricted to the coastal region

Graphite Production in Sri Lanka
Only two other producing graphite mines

  • Kahatagaha Graphite Lanka Ltd., owned by the Government of Sri Lanka
  • – Producing 80 tonnes monthly, and is planning to increase production to 125 tonnes monthly in 2013
    – Currently mining at a depth of 350m (1,100 feet)
    – Minimum 90% purity with majority by weight being lump type at 95% carbon, +10mm

  • Bogala Graphite Ltd., a 90%-owned subsidiary of Germany’s Graphit Kropfmuhl AG
  • – Producing 250 tonnes monthly from one single vein mine
    – Being mined from both ends at 2,299 feet from undergrou
    – Was producing 6,000 tonnes of value-added graphite annually prior to the global recession and restarted operation at its Ragedara vein mine in July 2012