How to Invest In Graphite


Graphite as a commodity does not trade on public exchanges. Producers sell directly to buyers. Therefore investors looking to get pure play exposure have to invest directly into public and private graphite companies such as Plumbago.

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The Company

Plumbago Refining Corporation is a private company currently exploring and developing graphite mines in proven resource jurisdictions in Sri Lanka. It holds a land package constituting 100 1 km² grids containing proven vein graphite deposits. These unique and comparatively higher margin vein (lump) deposits currently make-up less than 1% of... Read More

Project Overview

Plumbago’s near-term projects are some of the closest to production graphite developments in the world. Sri Lanka is the only region in the world that produces vein (lump) graphite (up to 99% purity). Plumbago’s exploration grids allow investors the only new way to gain exposure to the highest margin graphite resources in the world. Moreover... Read More

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